Flower for the Brides Series – A Bridal Bouquet Collection

This book was written by Andy Djati Utomo S.Sn AIFD, a famous young Indonesian floral designer and a floral educator, to give you new inspirations and encourage you to see different types of bridal bouquets through his works. This book also illustrates a wide range of flowers to be worn by the bride, buttonholes for the grooms, flowers for hairpieces, and other accessories. This book is expected to give readers many inspirations and to make them become familiar with new techniques and ideas in inflorescence.

For those of you who want to practice the new ideas described in this book, you will find that some bridal bouquets came with step-by-step instructions and explanations.

This book was divided into four chapters: Commercial Bridal Bouquets, Indonesia Influences, Flowers to Wear, and Innovative Bridal Bouquets.

A complete list of the floral materials used can be found from the book. The flowers were listed in their commercial and botanical names.